Understanding Anambra Politics in the Obiano Era: APGA Transiting From Quantity To Quality

Understanding Anambra Politics in the Obiano Era: APGA Transiting From Quantity To Quality.

By Ogbuefi Comr Harris Chuma (Ogene Igbo)

The outcome of the November 2017 gubernatorial election in Anambra fundamentally changed the political dynamics for at least the next 2years. It has not been easy for Gov. Obiano to advance his agenda with support from only his own party. Instead, he is faced with either to negotiate with an emboldened opposition in the state who are currently maliciously sponsored by some invisible hands.
Despite the bootstrapping, the APGA led government had profoundly offered purposeful leadership, driven to change the cause of ndi Anambra for better.

To sustain the developmental strides on-going in the state, efforts should be directed at dismantling the invisible hands throwing ‘sands into our garri’.
To curtail the excesses of these enemies of progress, March 9 House of Assembly polls present Ndi APGA with the ample opportunity to occupy and maintain House majority or endure two years of confrontation and gridlock.

Choosing the path of negotiation over confrontation would require a change of substance as well as tone. At the last count, over 3 notable billionaires, financial heavy weights in Anambra are scheming to make inroads into the state House of Assembly by proxy. The desperate mission is simply understood to plant boys in the legislative arm, and possibly mount conduit pipe to suck-away our common wealth and consequently, hinder speedy growth and development.

APGA has really metamorphosed into a quality political party that abhors lazy minds but celebrates the ingenuity and creativity of it’s faithful members. APGA quality leadership assurance as guaranteed by Gov Obiano is ultimately significant to our survival as a people bonded by one destiny.

In APGA we understand without ambiguities that hope is a sentiment, not a strategy, and quickly loses credibility without a road map. APGA’s growth and successful leadership under Gov Obiano can be traced to the robust relationship that had existed between the executive and legislature. Five years in office, Gov Obiano never struggled to connect individual initiatives to larger purposes.

A majority of the people chose to place their confidence in Gov Obiano the man but not in the institutions through which he would have to enact and implement his agenda. But, reading the political barometer, it appears though cloudy that the opposition’s lust for the legislative house would limit its tolerance for bold initiatives, APGA must stem the ugly tides lest it’s firm grip would be decapitated.

In effect, APGA’s credibility would outweigh the opposition’s doubts about the competence and integrity of the Willie Obiano’s led government. As events proved, that was a significant misjudgment by the opposition.

Anambra APGA has been reinforced by a fateful decision that Gov Obiano made during the last presidential election. In fact, he had not one but two agendas—the agenda of choice on which he had built the political party APGA to an enviable success, and the agenda of necessity that the turbulence shaking the chained foundation of the APGA, threatening a collapse had forced upon him. The issue he then faced was whether the latter would require him to trim or delay the former, a question he answered in the negative. Denying any conflict between these agendas, he opted to pursue both simultaneously.

The aftermath of Presidential and National Assembly elections with its attendant lessons should have been clear that they stood no serious chance of banishing APGA out of its home state Anambra, while the opposition wallops to the pervasive distress encountered in a bid to dominate the political landscape and render Anambra APGA impotent.

APGA has really remained an enigma to the rampaging opposition and the desperate cartel of ‘kill APGA if it’s not my own’. Surprisingly, the party continues to witness new converts on the hour.

As we match to the polls on Saturday, March 9, remember that APGA occupied house of assembly will sustain the rapid growth and developments, guarantee good governance, and ultimately maintain the peaceful political amosphere prevalent under Gov Obiano’s tenure.

Still, discerning sons and daughters of Anambra are proud of APGA.



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