Ndi Oyi and Tomorrow

Ndi Oyi and Tomorrow.

It was De Tocqueville who said ” in every democracy, the people get the government they deserve’. The Oyi electorate must do well and elect a legislator that will be answerable to them. A legislator they will be proud of.

In the time past, we’ve had some good representation at the floor of the Anambra State House of Assembly but sadly, the reverse is the case now.

As the March 9th date for State elections in Nigeria draw closer, the future stares ndi Oyi in the face with clear options of either to elect a people’s person who will collaborate with our Governor, Chief Willie Obiano in delivering dividends of democracy to us or plunge the entire constituency into a sorry state of backwardness.

The APGA candidate for Oyi State Constituency Seat, Hon. Charles Obimma (Obi Jesus) is eminently qualified to move the constituency to another level. He deserves our support.

Ndi Oyi should reciprocate the good gestures of Gov. Willie Obiano in Oyi by voting for Obimma who will partner him in churning out people oriented laws for the betterment of all.

On Saturday, let come out en-mass and vote in Hon. Charles Chinedu Obimma and APGA. He has the mandate of the people. Maka na nkea, bu nke anyi. Kpom kwem.

Let the good works continue.



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