I-WITNESS on Indigenous Artwork

I-WITNESS on Indigenous Artwork.

The creative works of our indigenous artists are always everywhere for the people to see.

Ndi Anambra are richly blessed by God. We have very fertile soil; we are endowed with natural tourist centres and our artisans are very creative.

The I-WITNESS CREW in her 3rd edition engaged the Honourable Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Indigenous Artwork, Culture and Tourism; Dr. Sally Mbanefo on a CHAT about what the Anambra State Government is doing through her Ministry in showcasing these wonderful artefacts to the world and the empowerment of the artists to bring out the best in them.

The Government recognizes that the state can not employ every citizen into the civil service. Some of them are doing well in their areas of professionalism and should be encouraged to continue. Some of these creative artists have been assisted by the state government to help them actualize their potentials.

Dr. Mbanefo informed the CREW that “Anambra is the first state in Nigeria to creat a department that celebrates its artistes”.

“We are currently planning on establishing an Art & Craft Village where these artists will stay comfortably and will be empowered with tools, seed money and other necessities to boost their talent and creativity”.

Recently, Gov. Willie Obiano inaugurated the Ministry’s “Walk-In Art Gallery” located right inside the Jerome Udorji Secretariat, Awka. The Art Exhibition Centre is adorned with indigenous artworks like “Okuada”, “Ijele Nze”, “Iru Nne”, “Nzeabata”, “Ije Uwa”, ” Nze Ji Ofo” and so many others. These artefacts are a collection from Anambra indigenous artists.

Ndi Anambra, Gov. Willie Obiano is working round the clock to improve the wellbeing of our people- on all fronts!

#WillieIsWorking #IAmAWitness


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