An Address Presented by the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano to mark the Armed Forces Remembrance Day on January 15, 2019

An Address Presented by the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano to mark the Armed Forces Remembrance Day on January 15, 2019


Ndi Anambra today is special day in the history of our country, Nigeria. Today, we join our fellow Nigerians across the country to reflect on the weighty issues of nationhood and honour the memory of our fellow compatriots who laid down their lives that we may live a more meaningful life of our own.

Fellow Nigerians, today, we remember all our fallen heroes and heroines, the unknown soldier, the Patriots who lie in unmarked graves and our brave veterans who live with mortal wounds sustained in defense of our Liberties and our ideals. We remember them in absolute fondness and we reassure them that the sacrifices they made for our lives and liberty were not made in vain.

Ndi Anambra, if we cast our minds back to this time four years ago, we may remember that we organized an epic event in memory of our heroes and heroines who fell to the Civil War. That epic ceremony is known as Ozoemezina (Never Again!)

Ozoemezina was a bold effort to confer dignity on all our brothers and sisters who were taken by the war and therefore experienced death without a proper burial. By holding a solemn memorial service in their honour, we brought closure to that sad episode of our national life and paved the way for a deeper healing among the living. Ozoemezina was epic in its entirety. I implore everyone who wishes to know about Ozoemezina to visit my official YouTube Channel and watch the special documentary that tells that story in a profound way.

Fellow citizens, we must never fail to appreciate our service men and women. Or show gratitude to them for standing up in defence of our ideals, our Liberties and our lives. The Nigerian Armed Forces have continued to play their roles as the defender of our freedom and the ultimate pillar of our unity. Indeed, our service men and women have continued to inspire their counterparts across Africa for decades. The bravery of our military has always been the defining factor in all their peace-keeping operations across Africa and beyond. Fellow Nigerians, we owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

Indeed, the Nigerian Armed Forces have risen above great odds to fulfill the mission that established them. The growing spate of unrest in different parts of the country has thrown up more challenges to the military than can ever be imagined. The battle against the proliferation of small arms as well as the war on terror have made enormous demands from our Armed Forces. The battle line has become unclear and it is almost impossible to tell who the enemy is. All these call for more support to the Nigerian Armed Forces.

For us in Anambra State, we are bold enough to say that we have cordial relations with our service men and women. My administration struck a perfect partnership with them in the early stages of inception and together we have created a peaceful and prosperous state. We have enjoyed peace like never before and our beloved state has become the safest state in Nigeria.

Ndi Anambra, we shall continue to enjoy peace and security in our beloved state by the Grace of God. We shall continue to appreciate our service men and women especially in these difficult times when our own brothers and sisters have become our country’s enemies. We shall continue to remember them and their families in our prayers. We shall continue to encourage them to do more, to fight more and to sacrifice more for the good of Nigeria and for the safety of Nigerians.

At this juncture, I’d like to invite everyone here to join me in observing a minute of silence in memory of our fallen heroes and heroines who gave their lives that we might live.

God bless Nigeria

God bless Anambra State

Thank you

Chief Willie Obiano
Governor of Anambra State


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