I-Witness on Street Trading Activities

I-Witness on Street Trading Activities .

By Obika Chidiebele

The quest to see a cleaner Anambra led the I-Witness Crew to the office of the Honourable Commissioner for Environment, Arc. Michael M. Okonkwo on Friday, Dec.7 and very crucial environmental issues were discussed, amongst which is street trading in Anambra state.

Street Trading activities have severe consequences on the environment. Their negative impact affects the orderliness of our cities and leave in their wake, filthy, obstructive and dirty environment.

Their activities are more pronounced in major cities like Onitsha, Awka, Nnewi and semi-urban areas like Ekwulobia and Otuocha.

Commissioner Okonkwo informed the Crew that upon assumption of office in March this year, he assembled a team and pursued a law prohibiting street trading in the state.

He informed the I-Witness Crew that; Anambra has what is called “Street Trading Law”. The law stipulates up to three weeks of jail term and a fine of two to ten thousand for offenders upon conviction.

Arc. Okonkwo was emphatic in drawing the analogy of how the process works. He informed the team that during enforcements, members of Operation Clean and Healthy Anambra (OCHABRIGADE), collaborates with The Anambra Traffic Management Agency(ATMA) of the Ministry of Transportation and arrest the offenders.

Through this law, the rate of street trading activities, Hawking of wares and the likes have been reduced.

” Governor Willie Obiano in 2015 employed about 300 Daily Road Sweepers and equipped them with receptacles, tricycles, shovels and modern gadgets to help in cleaning our streets daily’

”These officers operate in major cities, semi-urban areas and ensure our streets are free of dirt emanating from street trading activities or from other members of the society’ Arc. Michael Okonkwo said.

Ladies and gentlemen, the I-Witness Crew can confirm that the Anambra state government through the Ministry of Environment has plans and legislation(s) on managing and protecting our fragile Environment.

Thumbs up to Arc. Micheal Okonkwo and his Team.
Ministry of Environment is working, #WillieKeepsWorking




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