It was a whole new experience. We were prepared and well equipped. The usual excitement and apprehension was there and lurking somewhere in our hearts was ‘Mr Thomas’ asking us, “will you succeed or will you fail?”

It was the end of November. The signs of the approaching yuletide was rife, carried largely on the wings of the early harmattan breeze. The month was ending but we were at the verge of a new beginning. We made ourselves strong and filled our hearts with optimism.

Providence took over and favour smiled on us. The task wasn’t easy but everyone we met cooperated with us. We had all we needed and more; and at the end of the day, our waters broke forth and our dreams became reality. We were successful. We had just recorded the first episode of the I-WITNESS project!

Truly, Ndi Anambra are blessed. We saw with our own eyes and experienced first-hand, the true meaning of democracy – A government of Ndi Anambra for Ndi Anambra and Ndi Anambra. That is really the Anambra experience.

Our task was simple – Road construction!

Where are the sites? Are the contractors truly working? What has the government achieved in road construction and what is it doing to repair, reconstruct and maintain existing but bad roads?

The rains had come and gone and Gov Willie Obiano of Anambra State had declared ‘Operation Zero Potholes’ and mobilised contractors to site. We had to follow up to find out more and inform Ndi Anambra accordingly.

Our discoveries led us to the conclusion as stated above: ‘Ndi Anambra are truly blessed’. We saw with our own eyes what the government is doing across the state. Let me state now that we did not cover every nook and cranny but we drove through the three senatorial zones of the state, noting the various project sites, taking pictures and video recordings and interacting with the people.

The reaction most of the time was of joy and relief. On one occasion, an elderly man, well advanced in age told us in clear terms that the road passing through his community had been abandoned for the past 25 years. His joy was that in his life time, that same road is now under construction.

Do you know that the longest bridge in the southeastern Nigeria is located in Anambra state? Many don’t, but it exists; started and completed by the Obiano administration. We walked atop it, the whole 250meters, thereabout. The bridge linking all of us to the oil fields at Aguleri-Otu.

Many more exciting and people-oriented projects exist. Just wait for it. The full report will soon be out.

Our chat earlier, with the Anambra Commissioner for Works, Engr Marcel Ifejiofor turned out to be a lecture and an exposition. We were there to interrogate the commissioner on behalf of Ndi Anambra to find out exactly what his ministry is doing to make Anambra roads better.

We left convinced that a square peg is in a square hole. The commissioner had figures and names. He didn’t have to consult a file or a diary. He was reeling out the facts – the challenges and the solutions. It was evident that Gov Obiano chose the right man for the job.

However, it is still early this saturday morning and it is the first day of the yuletide month, the last month of the year.

We will leave you now to enjoy the rest of the day but please hear this: A lot of negative news is in the media space. Be careful of what you read and what you believe.

But this is why we are here. To take Ndi Anambra to the doors of all the Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government to interrogate and discover their purpose and achievements.

So far, we can confirm that the Ministry of Works is working and indeed Willie is Working!

We are the I-WITNESS crew. Follow us to witness more!

An I-WITNESS publication written by Ikenna Aniagboso


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