Anambra and the desperate opposition

Anambra and the desperate opposition

Joseph C Nwokoye

There is a pattern of defaming the government of Anambra state trending on the internet against the Willie Obiano government. For those who do not know, this pattern of vicious slander is provoked each time election is around the corner.
It happened in 2017, just before the governorship election.

No allegation was not levelled against the government and the first family.
There was attempt to make the adminstration of not reputation. No conceivable lies were not concocted against the adminstration.

The lies ranged from debauchery, through lechery, sybaritism, favouritism, to ineptitude. None of the allegations could be supported with facts.
Unfortunately for the slanderers, the lies could not achieve what they were intended. They were not of sufficient power to bring about the reduction of Governor Obiano’s goodwill and cause him the election.

But the Governor towered above the detractors and outvoted his rivals in the election. He won in all the 21 local government areas of the state, beating presumed political titans even in their wards.

It was within the election period that a mindless canard was bruited on the internet and even in the print media about a golden bed. But when the matter was taken up, the spineless slanderer went cap in hand.
Though ndi Anambra’ especially the electorate are sophisticated and can be decisive when inclined, but it behooves the psychopathic malcontents to refrain from slandering innocent people.

They are becoming so vicious and do not see anything good in the administration. They are blind to the infrastructural uplift, agricultural development, human capital development, uptick in the transportation ring, the shot in environmental recovery, the transformation in health, improvement in education etc.
All what they did were to stalk in the shadow and try to deface any representation of success of the administration anywhere in the state.

They are the first to dismiss prompt payment of salaries, gratuities and pension as nothing. They are the first to tell you that security in the state happened at its time and without effort from the Obiano government.

Their fight for a foothold in a state is becoming messy. It is being fought with scant regards for decorum.

When it appears their effort is not being rewarded enough they made a raucous attempt at seizing the legislative arm of the government.

It is very clear how desperate the opposition is. How rough he is determined to play in order to win. But unknown to many, the APGA government in the state is a hard dog to keep on the porch. The battle will be fought and won decisively by the All Progressives Grand Alliance, all the distractions notwithstanding.


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