Shadow by Ikenna Aniagbaoso


Often have I wondered how it came to be
Man’s earliest companion, fateful than the Eves
It came afore all else, except the One who lives
Creation of light and yet in darkness lives

Three they were, was born, in timeless ages gone
Alas! two came in blazing might, tearing time apart
Light and dark, opposing hues, they shine in strength and might,
Around in turns they rise and fall in shades of black and white

The third and silent one, the ever present one
Depicting walks of death and walking paths of life
It lives as long as life enduring even after life
Drawing every essence, maintaining absolute silence

How amazing it is, man’s greatest tail
Following from the cradle, all along to the grave
The chronicles of time, it tags along the line
In deep and solemn silence, records all in time

It hears the thundering whispers and sees the darkest light
It braves the raging wars and all the times of peace.
It descends with heroes fallen along with all returning
From the brave alike the cowardly, spew tales of gory glory.

The timeless bounds of age affords it graceful rage
O’er boundless records kept, of deeds and acts of men
In secret it serves them all, the One and all His own
Watching always from the shadows as they journey to and fro.

© Ikenna Aniagboso 2018

Photo credit: Google


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