Obiano launches ember months security operations: orders criminals to disappear

Obiano launches ember months security operations: orders criminals to disappear

By Ikenna Aniagboso

Gov Willie Obiano of Anambra State has continued to raise the bar in combating crime and providing adequate security in the state.

Constant equipping and motivation of security agencies, introduction of modern technology and the upgrading of security facilities are indices that confirm the state government’s emphasis on zero tolerance for crime and the provision of adequate and efficient security in Anambra.

Evidence of security as a fundamental ingredient for a progressive and development -oriented government was when Governor Obiano made it part of the State economic blue print.

The result has since manifested in the years of peace and safety enjoyed by Ndi Anambra who now return home in droves every festive season as against previous years when kidnapping, armed robbery and all manner of crime were rife in the state.

The economy of the state has also enjoyed a huge leap as investors trooped in with her recognition by the World Bank as one of the best states where business can be done with ease in Nigeria.

The traffic gridlock that frustrated the public at the Asaba and Onitsha ends of the Niger bridge every festive season, has equally eased off.

Years were when families spent the yuletide in varied state of dejection atop the aging bridge, exposed to all sorts of crime and criminals.

The number of lives lost in the unfortunate and avoidable accidents in the constant gridlocks on the Niger bridge and Upper Iweka were numerous and regrettable.

However, it is comforting to note that the terrible days of crime and wanton display of rascality that often led to these unfortunate incidences are over.

The unprecedented focus on security – training of personnel, funding and purchase of crime fighting equipment, repair of police armoured personnel carriers, ensuring efficient synergy among security agencies, composition of special anti-crime police units, for instance, operation Udoka and a host of other measures, all contributed to institute a crime free, peaceful and organised state.

The success stories recorded has firmly enthroned Anambra as the safest state in Nigeria. An enviable achievement which Governor Obiano rather than bask in the euphoria has continued to task the team to greater performance.

With firm understanding of society’s dynamics, the governor keeps reappraising evolving realities, seeking new solutions to new challenges. This, he revealed in the launching of the 2018 ’ember month’ security operations yesterday 5th November, at the Township stadium, Ekwulobia.

The ’ember months’ security operations is an initiative of the Obiano administration to forestall the usual spike in crime all over the nation due to the festivities associated with the concluding ’ember’ months of the year – the Christmas and New year celebrations precisely.

This period of the year usually herald an exodus of Ndi Igbo from all over the globe to their homelands to celebrate Christmas and New year. The increase in population within the region at this time and the expectation that many folks would return home with resources for the celebration, often culminate to unwanted invitation of hoodlums, wanton criminality and total disruption of the gay and peaceful holidays, resulting in loss of lives, in some cases.

It is for this reason that Gov Willie Obiano launched the ember security operation to ensure safety of lives and properties of Ndi Anambra, residents and visitors throughout the Yuletide and new year periods.
During the launch, the governor sounded a clear warning to criminals to “disappear from the state or be disappeared”

The governor unveiled the police smart bike unit during the launch. The unit received 50 brand new smart bikes to complement an existing 100. The bikes are fully equipped with modern communication gadgets. The bikes can accommodate two efficiently trained and armed police officers.

Fully operational, the smart bike unit will have 300 armed men combating crime in hinter areas of the state with the capacity to network among themselves and call for back up via the installed communication gadgets.

The governor also rewarded men and officers of the security agencies in the state who were exceptional in their duties. This is in a bid to motivate others to aspire to such gallantry as would attract such rewards.

The fallen heroes were not forgotten as the governor commiserated with and compensated their families. Three families of men of the force who died in active service in Anambra state received cheques of One million naira each from the governor.

The Anambra state Commissioner of Police, Mr Garba Umar thanked the governor for the wonderful gestures and urged Ndi Anambra to cooperate with the police and other security agencies to ensure a hitch- free and crime free ’ember’ holidays and celebrations.

Highpoint of the occasion was the presentation of the nomination for award to Gov Obiano for being the best governor in security in West and Central Africa by the CEO of Africa Security Watch, Mr Patrick Akpamgbo.

The award will be presented to the governor June, 2019 at Banjul by President Adama Barow of Gambia.


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