APGA Will Restructure Nigeria- Gen. Gbor

APGA Will Restructure Nigeria- Gen. John Gbor.
The Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, retired Major General John Gbor says he will do everything in his powers to return Nigerian to the practice of true federalism if he wins the 2019 elections.
General Gbor made his pledged last weekend while featuring in a National Television program in Abuja.
“He said it has become imperative for states which are the federating units of Nigeria to begin to exploit natural resources in their localities for economic development, and remit certain agreed percentage of their Internally Generated Revenues to the Central Government”.
The APGA Presidential standard bearer also said that his party is not a regional political party but an off shoot of the defunct National Council of Nigerian Citizens, NCNC which was founded and led at different periods by late Doctors Herbert Macaulay and Nnamdi Azikiwe during Nigerian’s  Independence Struggle and her First Republic.
General Gbor maintained that his party is the foremost champion of the principles of justice, equity, fairness and good conscience among all the political parties in the country, adding that APGA would unfailingly implement the recommendations of the 2014 National Conference which according to him is in tandem with the the ongoing agitation for the Restructuring of the Nigerian Federation#
PR/OBIOKOYE/AMUTA/          29-10-18.

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