Shabby Practices in Building Development Must Stop – Maduekwe, ANSPPB Chairman

Shabby Practices in Building Development Must Stop – Maduekwe, ANSPPB Chairman.


By Obika Chidiebele.

The Board Chairman for the Anambra state Physical Planning Board, Barr. Chike Maduekwe has decried the level of shabby activities of some site managers or engineers and development site owners in the processes, leading up to the development of approved structures in Anambra state.

The Chairman was speaking at the location of a collapsed three-storey building under construction in Otolo village, Nnewi, Nnewi North LGA earlier today, where the ANSPPB and Anambra State Materials Testing Laboratories sealed the construction site.


The collapsed structure which was owned by one Mr Timothy Amobi Onwuka of Okpuno Otolo Nnewi obtained approval with fake addresses from the state physical planning Board in July 2017.


While at the scene, the visiting Team of ANSPPB officials led by Barr. Chike Maduekwe and some members of Anambra State Materials Testing Laboratories, observed that the collapsed structure trapped and killed about two labourers working in the site and warned site developers against the use of substandard materials.

The proposed three-storey building project had reached advance stage of roofing before the unfortunate incident; the Agencies discovered that aside what  appeared to be substandard materials used for the construction, the owner submitted fake addresses to the Physical Planning Board office.


Barr. Maduekwe while cautioning developers and site owners to always observe the usage of specified materials by Registered Architects and COREN certified Engineers to forestall similar occurrences, opined that adequate supervision of development sites was important in erecting lasting structures throughout the state.


Members of the Anambra  State Materials Testing Laboratories led by Hon. Mike Orekyeh accompanied by Engr. Ibik Kevin and Peter Obi, all Special Assistants to Gov. Willie Obiano on ANSMTL when asked of the cause(s) of the building collapse by journalists suggested variety of factors. The lead spokesperson said, “The cause could be the use of substandard materials, soil quality, shallow level of foundation, poor quality of concrete mixture amongst others”. He promised a thorough and detailed investigation of the collapsed structure which according to him will unravel the remote and immediate causes of the collapse.


“We will trace the owner and the site engineer/manager of this collapsed structure; arrest and prosecute them appropriately”. “Such negligence will no longer be condoned in Anambra state”, Barrister  Chike submitted.


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