Trails of a Warrior

Trails of a Warrior

The lion heart, great in strength and stride
Fearless in climes where calamity bestride
Conqueror of men in twenties and ones
Peaceful in times when war is gone

Though his foes boast and brawl
All in drunken bouts of gore
Yet with solemn lore he lures
And trounces them all in war

Great warrior, worthy son of Omambala
Fearless in defence of his dear Anambra
Conqueror of beasts with humps and horns
Peaceful in all that ends in love

Though his feats resound a yonder
Yet to many he remains a wonder
And often in humble surrender
He returns the glory to his maker

Brave son of Aguleri, Akpokuedike Global
Fearless in trials and excelling in numbers
Conqueror of lack, famine and hunger
Peaceful in times of plenty and bumper

Though his barn feed many
Yet many hunger and worry
For the gullies rumble and trouble
And the tide sent many a sundry

Ebube Dike, Odogwu Omambala
Fearless and strong in the midst of adversity
Conquering odds to bring prosperity
Peacefully reigning over animosity

Though the battle remains tough
Yet his bow remain taut
Though the journey remains long
Yet he brings the laurels home

© Ikenna Aniagboso 2018


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