By: Egbuna Amuta

It is an undeniable truth in this Fourth Republic that the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA has enthroned the most people oriented governments in Nigeria. Governors produced only in Anambra state by the party since 2006, have been second to none in the country, in terms of good governance and delivery of democracy dividends. Some political pundits say that the superlative performances of ex-governor Peter Obi and incumbent Governor Willie Obiano, are inspired and guided by the people oriented manifesto of APGA and injunction of the spiritual leader of the Party, late Dim Chukwueneka Odumegwu-Ojukwu. Dim Ojukwu believed that APGA governments should tap from ideas expressed in the famous “Ahiara Declaration” formulated in the defunct Republic of Biafra.

However it may be, APGA administrations in Anambra have in the past twelve years restored and sustained good governance, after a long period of maladministration, political and socioeconomic instability foisted on the state by one of the major political parties in the country. Today, the people of the state are living in a very peaceful atmosphere conducive for business to thrive. Ndi Anambra are apparently the happiest people in Nigeria as evidenced by their per capital income and human development index which have been adjudged by the World Bank as the most impressive in Nigeria. In spite of the economic recession in the country, Anambra under APGA governments is the least indebted state in Nigeria, according to the records of the Debt Management Office,  DMO, Abuja. 
When most states including the oil bearing ones could not pay salaries of their workers and retirees, APGA governments, due to their prudence in management of lean resources, are seamlessly meeting their obligations to civil and public servants as well as pensioners in the state. The present administration of Governor Obiano even increased workers salaries twice in his first tenure. Perhaps they are not the highest paid public workers in Nigeria, Anambra civil servants and teachers receive their wages as at and when due before the end of every month.
One of the most outstanding people inclined accomplishments of APGA government in the state is the “choose your Project” initiative of the Obiano administration. Under the program government gives forty million naira every year to all autonomous communities to commence and complete any project of their choice. With the initiative all towns in Anambra state are directly being provided  democracy dividends by the government. This gesture is unprecedented in Nigeria’s history. As a matter of fact, innovative achievements of the present government occupying the Awka Government House are legion and still counting.
Unfortunately, these achievements and the second-to-none security architecture of Anambra is being taken for granted by some cynics and political opponents of the ruling party in the state. However, unbiased comparison of the achievements of other political parties and governments enthroned by them with APGA administrations in Anambra state show that, Dim Ojukwu’s party is clearly ahead of them. The recent choice of a running mate by the presidential  candidate of one of the major political parties in the country of a former APGA governor is admission of the fact that the party is a harvest field for people oriented leaders with a knack for good governance. Indeed, APGA gave Mr. Peter Obi the platform and guided him to prove himself as an excellent administrator. His successor in Anambra, Chief Willie Obiano has evidently upped the ante of good governance, hence the state have consistently been coming tops in national and global competitions in education, agriculture and other fields of human endeavour.
Due to many years of overall bad governance in our country a lot of bad blood and distrust have been generated amongst the various ethnic nationalities and religious groups in Nigeria. It is actually as a result of this unsavoury situation that agitations for the restructuring of the political system of the country is rife and persistent. APGA is apparently the most sincere political party championing restructuring of Nigeria. Little wonder its government in Anambra is the only administration in the country to muster the courage to host a Summit on the Restructuring of the Nigerian federation at the Dr. Alex Ekwueme Square, Awka. The Summit was organized by the Ohaneze Ndigbo. The hosting of that historic Summit by an APGA led government  is another clear evidence that the party is people oriented and uncompromisingly committed to the restructuring project.
Therefore, Ndigbo and other genuinely patriotic Nigerians should support the party in the forthcoming general polls in the country. Besides, the All Progressives Grand Alliance is not associated with the level of massive corruption associated with its two major rivals which are described by many  political pundits in Nigeria and abroad as two sides of the same coin. Truth is immutable#
EGBUNA AMUTA,  a Political Analyst writes from Onitsha


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