Obi Of Onitsha Declares War Against Osu Culture, Condemns Caste Cystem, Set To End Practice

While talking at a workshop on Thursday in Awka, the capital of Anambra State, the Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe, uncovered that the time has desired the Osu rank framework to be canceled in Igboland.

The powerful ruler who depicted the Osu rehearse as obsolete, unlawful and unpalatable, required a coordinated war against the demonstration.

The Osu standing framework, is a training in Igbo arrive that disheartens social communication and relational unions with a gathering of people viewed as slaves. The shame is transferable to even kids yet unborn.

Igwe Achebe who talked at the occasion composed by the Initiative for the Eradication of Traditional and Cultural Stigmatization in Our Society (IFETACSIOS), a non-legislative association, Achebe said the training had no place in a 21st century.

He asked customary rulers in Igbo land to stamp out the training in their spaces, while hailing IFETACSIOS for its drive in such manner.

He stated, “There is the requirement for individuals from all parts of Igbo land to meet up and concur that this offensive social practice, which our fore dads presented, never again have impact on us and our youngsters.

“We are content with the happening to IFETACSIOS assemble on this undertaking and we will team up with them to guarantee we end this awful culture has held our kin in reverse for a long time now.”

The President of IFETACSIOS, Oge Maduagwu, in her location, looked for the assistance of the customary rulers in the region in the cancelation of the Osu standing framework.

Maduagwu said annulling the framework would reestablish the poise of people, advance quiet relationship and lessen collective clashes.

She said the Osu station framework had wreaked ruin on the socio-social, financial and political existences of the Igbo.

She stated, “In Igbo arrive, it is exceptionally tragic to take note of that a young fellow and young woman may court, however the minute both of the two finds that the other is an osu, he or she will quit the relationship.”

As indicated by her, the gathering has broadened the support on the abrogation of the unsafe practice to Imo and Enugu states.

Maduagwu unveiled that they would visit Ebonyi and Abia before the finish of 2018, saying, “The huge dream of IFETACSIOS is the meeting up of all the eastern conditions of Imo, Ebonyi, Anambra, Enugu and Abia to sign an understanding on the annulment of Osu rank framework one day.”

She said separated from meeting with the authority of the customary rulers, the gathering had drawn in different network pioneers to handle impossible to miss challenges looked by networks with a view to guaranteeing complete annihilation of the framework.



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