Let Naija Elevate

Let Naija Elevate

I know John Gbor
I’m Atikulated too
I feel the Veepee vibe
Pray it makes Naija thrive

Some say four is better than eight
I say maybe we should atikulate
Let South East deeply meditate
So Naija go elevate n jubilate

Wish Nostra yet lives
To foretell a tomorrow unknown
If only apeecee would leave
To a destination yet unknown

What say ye my people
Where go we from here
If we unite as a people
We’ll succeed though we err

For long we stood on aburi
To live and die a country
Shall we stand, then in apathy
And see the country go a sundry

Four may be better than eight
Eight is yet equal to eight
All is left to fate
Just let Naija elevate

Ikenna Aniagboso 2018


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