By: Egbuna Amuta
From all indications the primaries of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, which is the third biggest political party in Nigeria was generally free, fair, credible and peaceful. However, in spite of overwhelming acclamation of the exercise  by majority of party faithful and unbiased observers, a few members of the party are not happy with the outcome of the primaries because their personal expectations were not met. Howbeit, in democracies, the minority would usually have their say while the majority would always have their way.
As a matter of fact, APGA is not alone amongst political parties with disgruntled members over the results of primaries. The All Progressives Congress,  APC and Peoples Democratic Party, PDP have shares of their own troubles which emanated from their primaries. Be that as it may,  it should be admitted that despite efforts by relevant authorities and umpires there can never be an absolutely perfect election in human societies all over the world. But it is pertinent to note that it is very important that visible and tangible efforts should be made ahead and during elections to avoid mistakes and malpractices. Nevertheless, there is hardly any poll that is completely accepted by all interested parties as devoid of injustice.
That notwithstanding, the recent primaries of the ruling party in Anambra state is generally seen as free, fair, credible and peaceful. Therefore, APGA is poised to record another resounding victory in the state as it did in the November 17, 2017 gubernatorial poll in the state and the January 13, 2018, Anambra Central Senatorial District rerun elections won convincingly by Governor Willie Obiano and Senator Victor Umeh respectively.
Apart from the fact that the party is regarded by Ndigbo as their own hence the slogan; “nkea bu nke anyi” APGA has doubtlessly performed superlatively since it took over the mantle of leadership of Anambra state in the past twelve years and six months. Governments enthroned by the party have indeed kept faith with the Social Contract they entered with Ndi Anambra since the 2003 general elections. Even though the party’s electoral mandate was stolen that year, the governorship seat was recovered through the Election Petition Tribunal, Awka, in August 2005 and ultimately at the Court of Appeal, Enugu, on March 15, 2006. That was almost three years after the 2003 general elections.
While it is a truism that the first APGA governor of Anambra state, Mr. Peter Obi performed very well, his predecessor and incumbent governor, Chief Willie Obiano has exceptionally upped the ante of good governance and delivery of democracy dividends in the state. Obiano miraculously stopped armed robbery and kidnapping thus making Anambra the safest state in Nigeria. In an unprecedented manner he took democracy dividends to all communities in the state through his administration’s CHOOSE YOUR PROJECT INITIATIVE and boosted agriculture the way no previous government in state had ever done. Indeed, Obiano’s achievements are legion. Latest report by the Nigerian Debt Management Office, Abuja, shows that under his watch Anambra is the least indebted state in the country. This is a clear testimony to the prudence and transparency of the Obiano administration in resource management.
Little wonder he seamlessly won the last gubernatorial election in all the one hundred and seventy nine communities as well as in the entire twenty one local government areas of the state. This was because he is considered trustworthy by the Anambra electorate. And the trust has not waned. Instead it has waxed stronger because the state government, in spite of the country’s poor economy, has impressively sustained good governance and delivery of democracy dividends. It is also paying salaries and pensions as at when due, in addition to implementing policies that have made Anambra conducive for local and foreign investments.
As the 2019 general elections fast approaches voters in the state and beyond, especially in the Southeast geopolitical zone are enamoured with the people oriented style of APGA governments in Anambra state. They want it to be sustained in the state and replicated in other federating units of the country. The chances of APGA candidates in the polls would therefore be bright. In Anambra, the electorate would prefer to elect lawmakers who would work in synergy with Governor Obiano. At the federal level, the state electorate would equally cast their votes for those who would go to the National Assembly like Senator Umeh, and attract goodies in a sustainable manner to the state in accordance with the people oriented manifesto of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, commonly known in our clime as; “Ojukwu’s Party”.
However it may be, members of the party who are aggrieved by the results of the recent primaries are candidly advised to calm down and sincerely subordinate their individual ego and interests to the collective well being of APGA and the masses. They should equally exercise patience and cooperate with the party’s hierarchy to work for the people’s common good. Everyone of us cannot become presidents, governors and parliamentarians at the same time. After all, God’s time is the best#
EGBUNA AMUTA, a Political Affairs Analyst writes from Onitsha


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