2019 Election | Jubilation in Anambra, as Atiku wins PDP presidential ticket

THERE was celebration in Awka, the Anambra state capital, yesterday as individuals from Atiku Leadership Development Initiative (ALDI), commended the triumph of their pioneer, previous Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the Presidential primaries of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), simply finished up in Port Harcourt, similarly as Nollywood star, Mr John Okafor, a.k.a Mr Ibu said it is additionally a triumph for Nollywood.

The Director-General of ALDI, Hon Okey Dominic Nwuzor said in a meeting that Atiku’s triumph is a triumph for the majority of Nigeria.

Nwuzor stated:

“This denotes the start of improvement since he is a man of vision.

“A triumph today is likewise a triumph for African advancements since Nigeria is the goliath of Africa. At the point when Nigeria creates, Africa additionally creates. “He has contended energetically and Nigeria ought to celebrate however more must be finished”.

With respect to Atiku’s appropriateness for the activity, Nwuzor said Atiku is solid, he is capable and has the limit.

“Having been Vice President, he headed the monetary group and performed brilliantly well. He is a business of work has made more than 50,000 immediate and 250,000 roundabout occupations. “He is exceptionally arranged as an agriculturist and with rebuilding, Nigeria will begin to develop once more.”

The Anambra state executive of ALDI, Chief Ozor Okonkwo said he felt so awesome and large and in charge. Okonkwo expressed gratitude toward God that “all the diligent work did not go futile”.

He, nonetheless, noticed that “we need to return to strive to push away this refuse government”.

Concerning Nollywood star Mr Okafor, otherwise known as Mr Ibu, who is chief of excitement in ALDI, with Atiku’s triumph Nollywood has an accomplice in the film business.

As per Okafor, Atiku has demonstrated enthusiasm for joining forces with Nollywood to construct a film town. He said Atiku has the limit and great accreditations to lead Nigeria.


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