14-year-old young lady assaulted by 10 young men amid Cult Initiation in Anambra

A 14-year-old young lady was hospitalized after she was assaulted by ten young men amid a clique inception in Nkpor, Anambra state.

The unfeeling occurrence happened most recent two weeks after the said young lady chose to join the clique gathering and all the while, consented to engage in sexual relations with all the folks present amid the inception.

During the time spent engaging in sexual relations with the faction folks, the young lady crumbled and was hurried to the healing facility.

It was likewise uncovered that a portion of the cultists who took an interest in the demonstration, have been captured while others are at present on the run.

This isn’t the first run through an issue like this has occurred.

A few months prior, the police in Enugu state made a startling disclosure of how female understudies in Junior Secondary Schools in the state, are getting assaulted as a feature of prerequisites before joining distinctive female clique bunches in the state.

This was after 30 female Junior Secondary School understudies were busted by police while going to be initiated into various faction gatherings, Viron Queens/White Angels confraternities.


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