Nicki Minaj Launches ‘Cardi B Fight Inspired’ Line

Some people will agree that fights are not inspiring but not for Nicki Minaj. Her fight with Cardi B will soon fetch her more money in the bank.

A few weeks ago she had gotten into a physical altercation with Cardi B who threw a shoe at her at the New York fashion Week.

Cardi B allegedly accused Nicki Minaj of trying to mess with her money, giving that as a reason behind the confrontation.

Now Nicki Minaj is using some of the accusations made by Cardi B as an inscription for her product. The words”Nicki stopped my bag” a reference to Cardi B’s accusations is seen printed on a bag as shown on Nicki’s Instagram post.

The phrase refers to an attempt to stop someone from making money.

The rap queens have been at loggerheads and have been throwing ‘shades’at each other. Now Cardi B’s rants is helping Nicki Minaj make some money.

After the fight, Nicki Minaj took to her Beats 1’s “Queen Radio” show, and attempted to exonerate herself.

“You’re angry and you’re sad. This is not funny,” Minaj said, referring to Cardi B. “This woman’s at the highest point in her career and she’s throwing shoes?”

Source: https://guardian.ng/life/nicki-minaj-launches-cardi-b-fight-inspired-line/


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