I Am Ashamed To See Pastor Kumuyi And His Wife With Buhari – FFK

Previous clergyman of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has assaulted the Senior minister of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Kumuyi and his significant other, Esther, over their ongoing visit to President Buhari at the state house Abuja.

Kumuyi, Buhari and Esther

In a long article he composed on Facebook, FFK said he is embarrassed about them.

Read the article underneath:

My fatherly extraordinary granddad (my granddad’s dad), Rev. Emmanuel Adelabi Kayode, was an Anglican minister. He was taught by the Christian teachers and the Anglican Church and he contemplated religious philosophy at Fourah Bay College in Freetown, Sierra Leonne which was around then a satellite grounds of the United Kingdom’s Universty of Durham. In 1892 he graduated with distinction with a Master of Arts degree in religious philosophy.

He was the main Anglican cleric to acquaint Christianity with the old town of Ile-Ife in the Osun territory of the western area of the old Southern Protectorate of Nigeria and he was the first to fabricate and Pastor a Church there.

He pastored the Church in Ile-Ife for a long time before he was later exchanged to Ondo area to head another part of the Anglican Church for a further 16 years. After that he was presented on Ijebu area where he headed the nearby office of the Anglican Church until the point that he went into retirement in the old Lagos settlement.

He was a profoundly gutsy man who cherished the Lord energetically, who was completely devoted and focused on the spreading of the gospel, who served the Church for his entire life and who was an incredible, intense and red hot speaker and evangelist.

My second fatherly awesome granddad was Rev. Joseph Suberu Fanimokun. He was my grandma’s dad. He was additionally instructed by the Anglican Church and he likewise graduated with distinction in 1892 from Fourah Bay College in Freetown, Sierra Leonne.

He was likewise later appointed as an Anglican minister. He was designated Principal of the well known Christian Mission Society (CMS) Grammar School in the Lagos settlement in 1896 and he remained main until 1914. CMS Grammar School is the first and most established secondry school in Nigeria.

These certainties, combined with the way that I am a sincere and honing Evangelical/Pentecostal Christian, are a pointer to my rich Christian legacy and I am extremely pleased with that.

It is correctly a result of that legacy that I have significant regard for the Body of Christ and that I respect every bona fide man and ladies of God.

I have the most profound warmth for every one of them even where and when I don’t thoroughly concur with every one of their perspectives, activities and entries.

However in spite of that every so often that fondness is put under a magnifying glass and my understanding and great confidence is depleted.

The photo underneath gives a decent case of this. To be perfectly honest it is troublesome for me to understand or completely appreciate what is happening there.

I see the much-cherished and profoundly regarded Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi of Deeper Life (one of the best Churches on the African landmass and a pioneer Church inside the Pentecostal group in Nigeria) and his significant other congratulating with a man under whose watch more guiltless and exposed Nigerians, and especially Christians, have been butchered than some other ever of nation.

So much honest blood has streamed under Buhari yet Pastor Kumuyi is as yet OK with grinning and shaking hands with him and neither has he said single word freely in regards to Leah Sharibu.

I and numerous others are disheartened by this. This is simply more so in light of the fact that I happen to love Pastor Kumuyi and the Deeper Life Church. I generally have and I generally will.

However unfortunately I likewise feel a profound feeling of disgrace and shock about this excursion. This is particularly so when it has been accounted for by the media that he told the President that under his initiative “Nigeria is sheltered”.

Is this a similar Nigeria that President Donald Trump of the United States of America was obliged to tell its pioneer distinctly and openly that “the slaughtering of Christians must stop?”

Is this a similar Nigeria that Vice President Pence and senior individuals from the American House of Representatives depicted as “the most unsafe place on the planet for Christians to live?”

Is this a similar Nigeria where Boko Haram and Fulani herders flourish and in which a brave youthful Christian school young lady from Dapchi was not discharged by her psychological militant Boko Haram abductors essentially in light of the fact that she has declined to deny her confidence?

Is this a similar Nigeria where a large number of Christians have been butchered in their homes, many Christian priests butchered while lecturing and a great many Christian people group and Churches consumed to the ground over the most recent 3 years and a half year?

For to what extent should a couple of our ministers embarass the Body of Christ and Christendom by bowing before our oppressors and urging them to continously torment, harass and threaten our kin.

Minister Kumuyi’s photoshoot with Buhari helps me to remember the popular picture of Pope Pius X11 shaking hands with and lauding Adolf Hitler over the span of World War 11. The Catholic Church never lived it down and was constrained to delicate an open statement of regret for this grave mistake just about 50 years after the fact.

Give us a chance to trust that one day each man and lady of God, regardless of whether he or she be a Pastor, Bishop, General Overseer or Archbishop, that has in any capacity upheld, energized, acclaimed or plotted with the malevolent despot that has distressed, scourged and tormented our territory and our kin in the course of the most recent 3 years and a half year will discover the goodness and bravery to apologize for it.

Give us a chance to trust that a greater amount of our pastors can discover the boldness of the late Bishop Ajayi Crowther, the late Apostle Ayo Babalola, the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the late Rev. Musa Asake, the late Rev. Buoyant Tanko Yusus, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Bishop Emmanuel Bolanle Gbonigi, Bishop Jasper Akinola, Prelate Sunday Mbang, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor David Ibiyomi, Dr. Paul Eneche, Prophet T.B. Joshua, CAN President Rev. Samson Ayokunle, Pastor Paul Adefarasin. Religious administrator El Buba, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, Apostle Samson Suleiman, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, Pastor Rhoda Awiliki thus numerous others.

They and endless different pioneers of the ministry from everywhere throughout the nation that have stayed consistent with their calling, stood firm despite oppression, declined to bow to shrewd, talked truth to control and confronted the show unfairness that has held the land are our pride and delight.

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