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Ambode Danced The Reggae With Tinubu, Now He Must Face The Blues

No one enjoys you. You are loved for what you convey to the table. In governmental issues, your agreeability is attached to the estimation of your office or the value of your pocket. Also, in Governor Ambode’s case, your significance, in some cases, is fastened to the impulse of a back up parent.

What is occurring to Ambode, whom even his agent has rejected, ought to be an exercise to all. A couple of months back, he was the sweet of everybody – both Bola Tinubu and individuals from the APC in Lagos state. Be that as it may, not long after he had a terrible brush with his back up parent, he hit nadir; he turned into the most “awkward and presumptuous” open officer in the nation.

It is stunning how individuals, who had used acclaims unrestrainedly on Ambode for the work he was as far as anyone knows doing in Lagos, completed a volte-confront the minute Tinubu pulled back his compelling hand from him. Counterfeit individuals all over the place! No respect, no reliability, and no rule.

One thing is sure; the sudden aversion was not effectuated by Ambode’s execution or style of administration. In spite of the fact that Tinubu guaranteed he veered off from the “diagram of illuminated administration”, the inquiry, is administration in the state presently estimated by the APC pioneer’s benchmarks or plan? Is it accurate to say that he is currently the World Bank, which estimates great administration in creating nations?

Regardless of whether Ambode has not completed a great job in Lagos, President Buhari has not improved the situation for the nation either, but rather Tinubu has not composed an epistle abrading him on how he has veered off from “illuminated administration”.

It shows up the present kerfuffle at the “focal point of perfection” is about crude procurement and control of state assets. It additionally appears like a pull of huge self images.

To me, Lagos state has turned into the Anambra condition of the mid 2000s, when Chris Uba was at the crescendo of Machiavellianism. Most likely, Tinubu imparts an umbilical line to the famous Uba. He has moved toward becoming to Lagos state what Uba was to Anambra state.

Tragically, regardless of long periods of examination, legislative issues has not developed in Lagos state. The state is as yet hindered politically. A state, where one man has made major decisions for almost two decades, is still politically childish. Furthermore, that his overabundances are suited says much in regards to the general population.

However, taking all things together, Ambode recognized what he was getting into when he got the purification of his adoptive parent in 2014. He moved the reggae, now he should confront the blues.

Writen by Fredrick Nwabufo, a media identity.

He can be come to on Facebook: Fredrick Nwabufo, Twitter: @FredrickNwabufo

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