Bill Cosby In Prison | What Bill Cosby’s Life Will Be Like as Prison Inmate NN7687

Bill Cosby In Prison | What Bill Cosby’s Life Will Be Like as Prison Inmate NN7687

Like all detainees, Bill Cosby was shot as he entered the Pennsylvania state jail where he will spend in any event the following three years.CreditCreditPennsylvania Dept. of Corrections, by means of Associated Press

Bill Cosby spent his first entire day Wednesday at his new home for at any rate the following three years: a most extreme security state jail in Pennsylvania known as SCI Phoenix where he is being kept separated out of worry for his wellbeing.

The vast majority of the detainees in the 3,830-bed jail are bent over in cells, yet Mr. Cosby, now Inmate NN7687, was given his own, with no course of events yet of when he will join the all inclusive community.

The state jail, known as SCI Phoenix, is another most extreme security establishment situated in Collegeville, around a 45-minute drive from Philadelphia.CreditJacqueline Larma/Associated Press

“We are taking the majority of the vital precautionary measures to guarantee Mr. Cosby’s wellbeing and general welfare in our establishment,” John Wetzel, the Pennsylvania secretary of amendments, said in an announcement. “The long haul objective is for him to be put in the all inclusive community to get the programming required amid his imprisonment.”

Mr. Cosby landed here Tuesday night, not long after he was condemned to three to 10 years in jail for the rape of Andrea Constand, a previous Temple University representative. Notwithstanding an upset of the conviction on claim, Mr. Cosby will serve his sentence at this new jail in Collegeville, around a 45-minute drive from Philadelphia. Worked at an expense of $400 million, the state restorative organization opened over the mid year to supplant the maturing SCI Graterford, worked in 1929.

An eating corridor at SCI Phoenix. The jail cost $400 million to build.CreditJacqueline Larma/Associated Press

Mr. Cosby had requested to be discharged on safeguard while he claims his conviction, yet the judge denied his demand. So the previous performer, who had been permitted to remain at his home in Montgomery County while anticipating condemning, is presently involving a solitary 7-by-13-foot cell with a 10-foot roof, close to the clinic.

Mr. Cosby will be qualified to make telephone calls and to get one visit on every appearance day of up to five individuals at any given moment, excluding lawyers. Physical contact is allowed amid the administered visits, as it is in all Pennsylvania restorative organizations.


A common cell at SCI Phoenix, with space for two prisoners. Mr. Cosby has not been given a cellmate yet as a result of security concerns.CreditPennsylvania Department of Corrections

Just legal advisors and religious consultants will be permitted to visit Mr. Cosby for his initial 10 long stretches of detainment, a standard work on, as indicated by Amy Worden, the representative for the state Department of Corrections.


Detainee every day plans shift, however all detainees are represented on a calendar, four times each day: a medium-term tally at 2 a.m., and standing checks at 12:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m. furthermore, 9 p.m. Suppers are additionally served in the meantime consistently: Breakfast at 7 a.m., lunch at 11 a.m. furthermore, supper at 4:55 p.m.


The jail is intended to house approximately 3,800 inmates.CreditJacqueline Larma/Associated Press

Dinners shift contingent upon the day and the week. For breakfast, Mr. Cosby will approach foods grown from the ground each day, and additionally drain, espresso and sugar. On Saturdays, on the present revolution, there are flapjacks. For lunch and supper, the menu is more shifted. On Mondays, lunch could be a cheddar pizza or a garden burger with bread. This coming Monday, the supper courses are broil pork or a tofu oat burger, as per a menu given by Ms. Worden. At lunch that day, the jail is serving chocolate pudding, an item Mr. Cosby was related with as a pitchman for Jell-O.

Ms. Worden said the pudding on the menu is just a “gelatin item,” not Jell-O mark.

Amid Mr. Cosby’s remain, he should go to sex wrongdoer guiding sessions since he was assigned as an “explicitly vicious predator” as a component of his sentence.

Something else, if Mr. Cosby decides to, he can work at a vocation that pays somewhere in the range of 19 and 42 pennies 60 minutes. Numerous undertakings include support of the 164-section of land jail, which has a 1.5-mile edge. He could likewise work in the library, house of prayer, therapeutic office or kitchen.


While Mr. Cosby is detached, he will be permitted outside into a little yard contiguous his unit, which has a fractional rooftop to shield the zone from the components. Like whatever is left of the all inclusive community, he will be permitted outside for two hours early in the day and two more toward the evening.

In the prompt future, Mr. Cosby will experience mental and restorative examinations. His legitimate group contended Tuesday for house capture, telling the judge that Mr. Cosby was delicate and did not should be detained. Andrew Wyatt, Mr. Cosby’s marketing specialist, when requested remark, said in an email, “Nobody revealed to us that they were taking him to that office.”


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  1. I know Mr Cosby was wrong but I would like to hear how he is doing. I don,t want him to be hurt or sttacked


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