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Atiku’s Agents cause Stir in Anambra

Atiku’s Agents cause Stir in Anambra

Security detail joined to presidential cheerful Atiku Abubakar yesterday halted a few representatives of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from meeting him in Anambra State.

Columnists and gathering individuals were kept from approaching Atiku. Some supposed they were thrashed by the assistants.

Atiku was facilitated at the Geogold inns in Awka by the gathering official, driven by Chairman Ndibuisi Nwobu.

The presidential confident, who tended to delegates, encouraged them not to vote the individuals who will partition the nation the more.

He stated: “I saw the pre-common war days, the common war days and the post-common war days, however we have never considered Nigeria to be partitioned as we have now. I ask of you, it isn’t about me, however about the fate of our kids, we should join to ensure we don’t vote wrongly.

“Do you know I have been advocating rebuilding throughout recent years? It is one thing we should provide for all aspects of this nation, to oversee and create themselves. We should not keep on having a nation where each state hurries to Abuja to get cash. We will start by rebuilding, and that will assist states with achieving whatever they need to accomplish without impediment.

“I guarantee that as your leader, we will assemble a universal airplane terminal in the east, not the sort they are discussing, but rather one that is genuinely worldwide, that would work flights to different parts of the world.

“I encourage you to help me so we can build up our areas and recover our nation once more.”

Nwobu, guaranteed Atiku that Anambra will bolster whoever turns into the gathering’s presidential hopeful.


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