APC will win Election, says Akande

APC will win Election, says Akande

Previous Osun State Governor Chief Bisi Akande has said the All Progressives Congress (APC) will win the governorship race in the state.

The previous senator who arrived his surveying unit 012, Isedo 1, Ila Orangun at 10 am, said Osun is the home of the progressives, taking note of that the general population would vote the APC.

He said the lead of the race had been empowering, focusing on that it was extremely tranquil and loose.

He included that the present race was not the same as the past ones, taking note of that the general population of Ila turned out with excitement to cast their votes.

The APC stalwart stated: “The procedure has been exceptionally serene, extremely loose and I am OK with the lead. The general population of Ila and environs witness are in high soul praise vote based system.

” Unlike in the past with specific reference to the most recent four years decision, when individuals were kicking the bucket to cast their votes, this time around it is substantially more unwind and better. I have crosswise over and the story is the same all over the place.

Akande kept up that the course of action had been superb, taking note of that every one of the offices associated with the direct of the race should take the credits.

“My desire is that everything will turn out acceptable and well to the solace of vote based system. Majority rules system will keep on thriving in the nation.

” So far, my gathering will win the race, we have dependably had the certainty, especially in the Ila territory. We will win, let me say it again in light of the fact that the general population are OK with the APC,” he said.

Omisore arrives surveying unit, prepared to vote

Voters at Ifetedo and Esa Oke additionally whining about failing card perusers

Card peruser as yet breaking down at Asaure Ward 1, Ife South LGA, and at Unit 5, Ward 4, Igbajo.

Osun Assembly speaker hails gigantic voters turnout

Place of Assembly Speaker Dr Najim Salam, in the wake of voting in Ejigbo, hailed the tremendous turnout of voters and the tranquil climate, asking the electorate to support the beat of transquility.


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