Breaking | 2019 INEC – Considrs ban Of Smart Phones at Election Polls

Breaking | 2019 INEC – Considrs ban Of Smart Phones at Election Polls


INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu

The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Mahmood Yakubu, on Thursday, said the commission is thinking about prohibiting the utilization of cell phones at surveying units.

Mr Yakubu made this known on Friday at an Election Dialog Series sorted out by a common society association, YIAGA’s WatchingTheVote, at Sheraton Hotels in Abuja.

He clarified that cell phones would be gathered from voters when they gather their ticket papers at the surveying stations, to check vote purchasing in the nation.

“The commission would attempt and boycott the utilization of a few gadgets that guide vote purchasing on race day, for example, cell phones,” Mr Yakubu said.

The INEC manager clarified that the individuals who convey cell phones along to surveying units typically utilize them to take photos of the poll papers as proof to the vote purchasers.

“It is all far reaching that for the individuals who have advanced cells, they go into the voting work areas with there PDAs, thumbprint the tally paper, take a photo with the vote paper, crease it and drop it into the crate, and later show it to the individual who requesting that they vote to see prove that they have voted in favor of there hopeful.

“Be that as it may, I likewise surmise that the political gatherings might be for a stunner on the grounds that there are additionally keen folks in Nigeria that would snap and send to others through whatsapp and one vote paper might be asserted by several individuals,” he included.

“We are taking a gander at that plausibility to tell subjects that have advanced cells not to come to surveying units on race day with the PDAs.”

Additionally at the occasion, Mr Yakubu talked on the significance of expanding sensitization and training to illuminate voters on the ramifications of vote offering and purchasing.

He talked on the part of INEC in the Electoral Act that expects it to indict appointive wrongdoers, which incorporate vote purchasing.

“In any case, shouldn’t something be said about alternate organizations that worked with the constituent commission like the security offices? It is as a matter of first importance about the requirement. There are laws in the book against vote purchasing and in any nation that the laws are not upheld, at that point that country is damned. It is about implementation.

“Shockingly in the Electoral Act, INEC is required to indict appointive guilty parties which incorporate vote purchasers; yet take a gander at the circumstance. To effectively arraign, you need to make captures. We have no police to make captures. To effectively arraign after capture you need to make examinations; we appear to have no ability to explore. How would we at that point effectively arraign?

“What we have been doing is to work with the security organizations to check whether they can influence the captures, to research and when the case document is prepared, we can cooperate and indict.

“We have done such with some achievement in one of the state body electorate races we led in 2016 in Kano. In a body electorate, we effectively indicted more than 40 appointive guilty parties, working with the police. It was the most elevated indictment held ever of commission. Who did we arraign? The punks in the surveying units”.

Mr Yakubu anyway clarified the commission was anticipating indicting guilty parties who support decisions, including that the commission has over a hundred instances of appointive infringement in past races.

Essentially, he talked about the infringement that happen before the races whereby money electronic exchanges were made to purchase votes, including that the commission was anticipating working with organizations to address the hazard.

“We are anticipating the day when we arraign their backers. On the off chance that we don’t get them, the issue would at present keep on existing. Right now, we have more than 100 case records presented by the police for infringement in past races and we are tenaciously indicting the wrongdoers, including officers of the commission. So we are talking about with the security offices to perceive what we can do to this regard.

“Be that as it may, it isn’t just about arraigning discretionary guilty parties upon the arrival of races, shouldn’t something be said about the infringement that happen before the day of these decisions, utilizing electronic money exchanges? That is the reason we are testing each national establishments to work with the commission to address this threat.

“In the no so distant past we had a gathering with the EFCC, they have the limit and the legitimate support too to track lawful funds and o indict violators. What’s more, just a week ago we had a comparable gathering with the ICPC too; so we would keep on working with these organizations.

“We trust in Osun they would likewise send to a portion of the surveying units with the goal that open infringement that occurred in the past races would not occur.

“We would keep on doing whatever is expected of INEC to do. We have done it before in enhancing the appointive procedure. We will handle the threat of vote purchasing and whatever other danger that would have an awful name to our vote based system and appointive process.

“In Osun in the following eight days, we will send more than 16,000 staffs. We have four staff for each surveying unit that are leading decisions.”


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