breaking | biafra sit at Home order a success – compliance in anambra and imo

As should be obvious we are not stacking any traveler since no one is coming and we are not by any means intrigued, the general population you are seeing that are sitting tight for the travelers that are not coming are insatiable Igbo men, but rather they are baffled that travelers are not coming and they are bolting up their parks. “We have influenced explanation with this to sit at-home and we anticipate that Federal Government will address the complaints being communicated by IPOB.


IPOB Sit-at-Home records consistence in Onitsha, Nnewi On September 14, The Sit-at-Home mandate by the Indigenous People of Biafara, IPOB, saw add up to consistence in Onitsha and Nnewi as Schools, markets, banks transport organizations, governments workplaces, craftsmans shops and different business exercises including road shops and markets stays under locks and keys. There was no vehicular and human developments as right on time as 6.30 am, yet the Nigeria Police and Nigerian Nave Hilux and different trucks were seen with officers and me watching, the roads of Onitsha


Emeka Gift Took to his Twitter explaining that Shops and Market were shut down in Owerri Imo State Click here

Officers and men of the Nigeria Army were not seen watching like the Police and Navy, but rather they were seen at their 302 Artillary Regiment entryway and intersection, while those that typically remain at the Onitsha and Asaba finishes of Niger Bridge Head amid comparable Sit-at-home, we’re not located at those check focuses. In any case, fighters from the 302 Artillery Regiment that stays by late Dim Chukwu Odumegwu Ojukwu’s plaque close Niger Bridge head were in their tents piece were not mounting any barricade.

Chalice Message/Living Christ Mission Area of Onitsha Enugu express path, close Upper Iweka looking left. A portion of the occupants who talked with Vanguard yet argued namelessness said the Army may have pulled back from the street to abstain from being blamed for any slaughtering like in the past when they were blamed for being behind any loss amid comparable exercise. At Upper Iweka five white shaded Police vans loaded with officers and men were located watching from the Onitsha Enugu Expressway benefit path Upper Iweka to Niger Bridge Head territory, while officer and men of Okpoko Police Station mounted six get vans at Obodo Ukwu street intersection, however were not irritating anyone.

Anyway Policemen from Awards Police station mounted their own four get vans at Awards by Tarzan intersection region of Onitsha Owerri street straightforwardly inverse Obodoukwu street. Talking with Vanguard at Lagos Park, Upper Iweka, Prince Johnson Etodike a transporter with one of the significant transport organizations at Lagos stop Upper Iweka, said they are not astonished that individuals will absolutely obey and watch the sit at home order by IPOB.

“We should regard whatever is the reason the IPOB, required the sit at home, we comprehend that the treatment dispensed in Owerri IImo State by disregarding ladies request the whereabouts of Nnamdi Kanu was one reason. Do you realize that ordinarily we get over 200 night of all shapes and sizes transports from Lagos here in Lagos stop Onitsha, yet today we got just three that were not completely stacked, many transport organizations did not get night explorers from Lagos and different states into Onitsha.


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