BREAKING | No Retreat On Sept 14 Strike – IPOB

No Retreat Back On Sept 14 Strike – IPOB

We Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) wish to illuminate the misleading South East governors, Ohaneze Ndigbo and the alleged Biafra Coalition that facilitated and engaged the Biafra hater Prof. Ango Abdullahi in Owerri as of late, that their endeavor to utilize composed alarm strategies through media explanations to scare the general population of Biafra into resisting IPOB is an outstanding trap that will bomb woefully.

It is an indication of urgency that these men under whose stewardship disgrace and disrespect was conveyed to the general population of the east are today working round the clock with our oppressors from the north to smother an occasion intended to free everyone from servitude. We know about how an assumed star Biafra amass in Owerri boldly offered itself as a front for Arewa Consultative Forum to enter and crush Biafra tumult from inside, just for the purpose of yet more cash.

These bold and now and again faceless offenders have been caught up with issuing inane press articulations keeping in mind the end goal to demonstrate to their Fulani experts how great they are at undermining the aggregate prosperity of their own kin.

We approach all Biafrans to pass a vote of no trust in these degenerate men of South East governors, Ohaneze Ndigbo and PANDEF by sitting at home as requested by IPOB High Command.

Activity Python Dance 3 has begun with fatal shootings in Anambra, illicit captures and snatchings in Enugu and Aba. To remain sheltered and alive, individuals must remain inside in light of the fact that the Fulani caliphate Nigerian armed force and police will kill anyone they see outside this Friday.

None of the double crossers in Ohaneze Ndigbo, SE governors and the culprits facilitating Ango Abdullahi in Owerri for the sake of building a Biafra one Nigeria-see anything incorrectly in the Fulani officers murdering Igbo individuals and different Biafrans. They advantage fiscally from the subjugation of the Igbo race specifically and Biafraland as a rule so Nigerian Army can slaughter whatever number as could reasonably be expected or assault our moms, they will never articulate a word.

For whatever length of time that they get their typical sack of cash from the north, they are content with watching northern Islamic officers kill and slaughter the general population of the east freely. They have no inner voice, they are more awful than Ifeajuna. By issuing official explanations against the sit-at-home request, affirms they are true blue specialists of the north camouflaged as pioneers and assessment formers.

Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East governors have spent the most recent 7 days fixing some corrupt components to oppose IPOB in their distorted reasoning that each Igbo man and lady has a cost and can be purchased. They overlooked that Nnamdi Kanu couldn’t be purchased not at all like themselves. September 14 is the day we demonstrate as a people that we have a touch of Nnamdi Kanu in each one of us; that our inner voice and embodiment as a people can’t be purchased with cash regardless of the sum. We will not just sit at home as requested, we will secure the whole East.

After this occasion, Nnia Nwodo and his Ohaneze Ndigbo alongside other alleged Hausa Fulani star Biafra bunches working for one Nigeria will confront soundly the anger of the indigenous populaces in Biafraland. We encourage Biafrans to remain inside as an unmistakable to message to the saboteurs and tricksters in our territory that IPOB is the general population and the general population is IPOB.



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