Fayemi: God Will Judge Fayose​


The News Agency of Nigeria, (NAN) reports that Fayemi talked while getting the report of the Transition Committee constituted to interface with the active organization to encourage smooth difference in government.

He said he was leaving the active representative and his administration to God over the charged bungle of state assets and assets.

He guaranteed to roll out an extraordinary improvement in the life of the general population the minute he is promised to office on October 16.

NAN reports that the senator choose was responding to the most recent obligation figure discharged by the Debt Management Office (DMO) which uncovered that the obligation profile expanded from N18 billion amid Fayemi’s time to N117 billion, under Fayose’s supervision.

The board of trustees had disclosed to Fayemi that the humongous obligation was outside overdue debts of pay rates, benefits, tips and cash owed retirees and contractual workers by the Fayose organization.

Fayemi additionally proposed the authorization of a law to be known as Transition Act that would stipulate the obligations of an active organization and an approaching organization to prepare for consistent exchange of intensity.

This he said had turned out to be basic, given the uncooperative state of mind and troubles the board of trustees looked in meeting with authorities of the active government also its refusal to permit his own particular advisory group acquire data from it.

As indicated by Fayemi, if such law were set up, it would have been troublesome for an active government to decline to coordinate with his change board of trustees.

He said such laws are now working in nations like Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and the western world.

he said:

“The executive (of the advisory group) discusses liabilities, that is the thing that administration is about, resources and liabilities, government is a continuum

“We are not unaware of the way that there will be obligations however we are centered around our plan to have any kind of effect in the lives of our kin

“So for us, we leave whatever that is finished by the active government to God and God will deal with that in the most ideal way imaginable

“We need to center around having the effect in the life of our kin, so our kin remain our need

“We trust some reason will win amongst now and introduction day for the active government to think of the data this board of trustees

has been requesting since it was introduced.”

The senator choose, who guaranteed to waste no time in the wake of taking the pledge of office on October 16, additionally charged hopefuls to national and state governing bodies in the All Progressives Congress (APC) to acquaint themselves with the substance of the report.

Prior while presenting his reports to Fayemi, its director, Sen. Olubunmi Adetunmbi said the active government operators declined to collaborate with the advisory group.

He, be that as it may, said the sub-councils of the Transition Committee could meet with 76 intrigue bunches outside of government, including worker’s organizations, intrigue gatherings, common society bodies, advancement accomplices who helped with data of what is happening in the active organization.

He said

“The report we are submitting to you speaks to the voice of the general population that voted you (Fayemi), and it contains what they need for the time being, medium term and in the long haul”,




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