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BREAKING | Buhari Cant Fix Nigeria In 20 yrs Atahiru Bafara Says

Buhari can’t settle Nigeria in 20 years – Bafarawa

A previous legislative leader of Sokoto State and presidential competitor on the stage of Peoples Democratic Party, Attahiru Bafarawa, says if President Muhammadu Buhari is given 20 years to represent the nation, he won’t settle the economy.

Bafarawa expressed this while tending to PDP supporters in Owerri, the Imo State capital, in continuation of his crusade for his presidential desire.

Expressing that Buhari had no business in governmental issues, the ex-Sokoto State senator asserted that the President did not have the initiative aptitude to help the nation’s economy.

He said Buhari’s race as the President in 2015 was a square peg in a round opening.

He stated, “The issue with Nigeria is that those in government today should not be being in legislative issues. A military man can never be majority rule. He can never show signs of change medium-term.

“Allow Buhari 20 years as the President of this nation, he can never settle Nigeria. He is caught up with going to China to get. In the event that he proceeds as the President, our obligation profile would be inconceivable.”

Encouraging the PDP individuals to choose as presidential competitor a hopeful who might have the capacity to win at the 2019 races, Bafarawa said “The PDP must reinforce our odds by choosing as its presidential applicant one who can win the general race.

“We need to cooperate to vote Buhari out. Expelling Buhari is simple and troublesome. It’s simple if the PDP presidential applicants can join to receive me. It’s anything but a do-or-bite the dust undertaking.

“I have the experience and foundation to serve this nation as the President. When I was leaving the governorship situate, I cleared out N13bn in the coffers for the approaching representative. Mind you, Sokoto isn’t an oil-creating state. I utilized my experience and foundation to do that.

“But since of governmental issues, I was captured and embarrassed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. I was liberated by the court. Buhari’s administration is extremely degenerate. In the event that you are in the PDP, you are degenerate, however once you are in APC, you are not degenerate.”

Testing other PDP presidential wannabes to a discussion, Bafarawa likewise said he put stock in rebuilding and would get it going if chose as the President.


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