Cost Of Traveling Abroad From Nigeria 2018

Normal Cost of Traveling Abroad

Have you at any point thought of voyaging abroad? Obviously you have! You are not the only one. Regardless of whether it is a fun outing to the exciting and intriguing islands of Hawaii or Polynesia, or moving to examine in Germany or for a vocation in Canada, one of the principal questions you would ask is, “What is the normal cost of voyaging abroad from Nigeria?

Normal Cost of Traveling Abroad from Nigeria in 2018


1. Nigerian Passport.

On the off chance that you as of now have a visa which has a legitimacy of no less than a half year as at the date you expect to movement abroad, you are secured yet in the event that not go for a travel permit reestablishment by checking the official NIS entryway.

On the off chance that you don’t have a Nigerian visa yet, you need to get a universal international ID shape from the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) nearest to you or just enroll and fill in the essential points of interest while following directions on . Presently as state on the site the 32-page customary e-travel permit costs 17,600 naira for grown-ups yet preparing expenses might be charge by a few authorities in state workplaces of the NIS which would influence it to cost up to 28,000 naira.

You would need to give confirmation of the data you gave on the online application structures, for example, your National ID card, your introduction to the world authentication or sworn oath of age presentation in any Federal High Court in Nigera, Local Government of Origin Certificate and a travel permit photo.

2. Visa

A visa is an official report which concedes the individual whose name is on the visa the privilege to lawfully enter a remote nation. There are numerous sorts of visa which are travel/visitor visa, work visa, business visa, understudy visa, evacuee/refuge visa, working occasion visa, spousal visa and travel visa.

The kind of visa you picked would be dictated by the reason for visiting the outside nation.

Visa costs change. Contingent upon the sort of visa you look for, most visa candidates would need to pay about $160 (59,000 naira), $190 (70,300 naira) or $265(98,050 naira) at GT Bank in Nigeria to the US international safe haven.

3. Flight and Hotel Information

The normal cost of booking an inn in Manhattan, New York, U.S.A is about $450 a night and for seven days which is 7 days, it would be $3150. You would need to factor in bolstering cost and a couple of different utilities.

As indicated by and, the normal cost of departure from Lagos to the Indiana,U.S.A at 3 stop over with flights by Emirates Airline and American Airlines is $949.17 which is 351,192.9 naira.

4. Universal Driver’s License

In the event that you mean to driver while abroad you need to get a universal driver’s permit to have the capacity to do as such in any outside nation you travel to.

As per a global driver’s permit taken a toll $68.88 which does exclude shipping expense to your habitation.


There are a few protection bundles notwithstanding for nonnatives like medical coverage, car or vehicle protection, obligation protection, home protection thus significantly more. Do well to look out the bundles which truly suit your requirements.

It is essential that you check with the important experts to affirm the costs for every one of the administrations however this article would give you a gauge of what it costs averagely to movement abroad.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there various costs for all flights when voyaging abroad?

Truly. The costs for economy class, business class, five star and bundles for families are extraordinary. Likewise it differs with the separation, the quantity of stopovers and the flight administrators. Pick with flight plan you are more OK with.

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